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Earn money by referring friends and followers to ForceCop!


How do I become an affiliate?

We're currently looking for people with the ability to bring in sales to ForceCop. Thus, large social media followings are a must (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc)


What will I get in return?

You will receive a percentage of the sales which you're able to bring in. All payouts are automatic and guaranteed. 


Please keep in mind that due to the many applications we receive, each applicant is reviewed over the course of 1-2 days. Use the form below to contact us, and please mention the social media accounts, qualifications, and all additional information which may help us determine why you qualify for the program. Screenshots as well as video can be extremely helpful to our team when determining the qualifying candidates.  


*Please list all of your social media accounts at the bottom of your application, stating the media platform they're attached to.